Day 510 – Electroconvulsive therapy



ECT or electroshock therapy. It is maybe one of the most debated treatments on where activist and health staff/professionals are clashing with each other. In western medicine we see a clear gathering of activist and user right organizations that claim their truth and their right to be the most sane. While most doctors and most physicians claim that their theory or studies are most correct. It is one of the biggest dividing forces or phenomena’s within psychiatry and treatment, that we see in the world today.

There are several reports and document witness testimonies and years and year of testing and experimenting. I guess some simply have to gather up it all al the information and make ones opinion to oneself. And that is how the world is literally run. While we are taught from childhood to choose either God / Jesus/ Mohammed /Shiva/Java etc… and religion. Or; we can chose evolution theory, Darwin and Big Bang. We are presented these two options like it was the only options that there ever is. And that, my good friend is very, very wrong and deceptive and brainwashing to say the least. And it have driven and it drives modern media and believe systems, religions, ideas and opinions to this day with its extremes, its abuse, and violations and clear open lies.

So it is all about reading the articles and get into what is Electro convulsive therapy doing to the body and to the brain. Or how is the experience from the patients survival perspective. So on and so forth, because as long as we are presented and only presenting to yourself these two options, that there are simply; two options out of literally billions of options we are not only limiting our self and our living but also our children. And we are also brainwashing our self and turning slowly into the same old pre – programmed matrix – mind – zombies that our ancestors where. That we have been before the children.  We are taught to chose between; Good or bad, right or left, north or south etc. But still we have a opportunity. What opportunity is that ? I would go further and actually call it our responsibility. To question the system. To question everything that is here. And that is not here.   To ask the daring questions and the especially when it seems totally hopeless to even hard to figure out. But there is a way out and I will her present the tool to you to get out of this pre – program. Gradually step by step. These are forces and psychological and also paranormal tendencies that we are dealing with. The human mind is not a toy, it is a tool. And it, sometimes, need care full treatment. Investigate desteni and find your key to success in life. You will not regret it. See you around hopefully…

Thank you for reading.

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