Day 509 – Psychiatry and alcohol.

I am a recovering alcohol addict. I have been addiction free from 2,5 years now. I see alcohol as something that should be banned from being sold as substance and consumed as a drink or inn anyway being serve to seduce and to drink for amusement.

I come from a psychiatric back ground and I have used alcohol as means to medicate myself with when I felt self pity and to escape from responsibilities. I know what goes on behind the doors of the people with mental suffering and addictions. It is insane to say the least.


I see today that alcohol is causing death, destruction, and abuse in general and not doing one cent good at all. Except from being a sterilizer in hospitals. Alcohol must be used in medical services and there only. Hospital personal can use alcohol to sterilize wounds and to clean instruments and hands and to use alcohol hygienically. Alcohol must not be used like it is today to seduce and blunder the population into submission and tolerance. It is not ok that children grow up in abusive homes and that people drink in weekends or just a glass. I do not believe that is such a thing as moderation within drinking. You drink to escape and to remove self from responsibilities. That is it and that is that! We must learn to take responsibility for ourselves.

Alcohol can and must eventually be banned. The sooner the better. In psychiatry alcohol is often used as self medication. As one would experience that medications do not function that well one would expect, or having side effects, one uses alcohol to escape and finally find somewhere to escape and feeling free from responsibilities. Into the energies and the doziness of drinking and being drunk. It is used to drink and escape into being irresponsible. It is used to seduce one from everyday reality and it is ruining lives in the hundreds of thousands.

Addiction drama is total. With that I mean to point at all the times of the news saying  “he was driving drunk, and now two are dead” – where alcohol, typically, is involved. When one in psychiatry do not have work to attend but rather have a welfare check one very fast use this to drink and to have days pass. Escape. A dangerous escape.

Because it is there, it is available. People by it because it is there in the supermarket as a solution to self and sorrows. It can, will and must be banned from being served like it is today. Some day we will look back and think “OMG we were so naive and wrong to allow it.” You wait and see.

It can simply not go on like it have been going on for decades with this abuse of running from responsibilities. It is ruing lives of everyone and it is not cool.

Alcohol and addiction drama is creating ruined lives and abuse all over. It must end. It have got to stop. The madness must stop. The sooner the better.

Prevention is the best cure. And we must stop the alcohol from poisoning us any further.

Thank you for reading.

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