Day 506 – Schizophrenia and Jani from YouTube.


The story of Jani is quite unique. I would suggest to investigate the YouTube videos that I have placed within here to learn about children with Schizophrenia. I must say it triggers my mind and my, emotion to see that children as young as 3,4,5 and 6 year old are being diagnosed. How the system fails to provide a safe and sound environment to them. Where we end up giving children pills and drugs to be able to collaborate and communicate with them.

It is a crying shame that so many children are not give the right kind of support or treatment like we can have with literally heaven on earth, because we can live in a world without guns and bombs and tanks and war. And without schizophrenia. We can learn to live without abuse. We can live within world where everyone and everything is cared for. It strikes me that people like Jani, that have suffered from mental stress since being a baby, is not given the right solution in life. With all respect to her family and others that are supporting her, within the system that she is living within. And right there is the one of the problems. It is the system where we live that is full or war and abuse. And together with a sensitive mind of children the outcome is Schizophrenia even for children. For more context of how children and born into sickness I suggest to read the following blog by Bernard Poolman:


I also find it problematic to see that children such as Jani and other on same age as here is having a childhood in mental stress. I guess some of it can be blamed on imperialistic “have it all” consumer culture of USA and in the world where we live. We are all left as puppies inn the zoo, unable to act, where we are trapped in our minds. It is the sickness of the world. We are all schizophrenic! And we need to change our character. Check out my links – and have safe & sound day!

Check out the links.

The coolest store in the universe:


Walk the talk/indentify and work with your illness: :

Lite course :

Delete poverty:

Thank you for reading.


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