Day 505 – Eye opener

Eye opener

We are equally in it together.


I realize that I have discovered new part of my mind or the world and specifically the internet also as being a part of or reflecting the mind of this earth. Of life. It is daring and absolutely necessary to let go of my self – judgment.

We can do better that this. We can do all sorts of cool stuff already. All the solutions are here, we have keys to all the doors. We can and we will fix anything. Shit, even with fracking there must and the will come a solution to in the end.

We can fix everything of this planet. Into heaven on this planet earth. Well we can’t bring back beings that have gone extinct and that is sad. We will not see them again on this earth. And that is a crying shame, mainly of corporate and personal greed and corruption and lack of protection and care.

Self judging, in itself, is holding so many of us back and disabling us from actually living our lives. We must learn to leave self – judgment behind. Forgive and forget. And I cannot emphasize enough to you enough, that it is through taking absolute responsibility for yourself and our existence, your own mind and all the history and saying stop till here no further, this have all to do with taking responsibility for yourself and everyone else as yourself. It is our rough and tough disease. Self judgment. It is what have been holding us back with shackles literally.

Myself judgment have been and is still to a far degree a part of me and who I am. I must leave it and forgive myself judging totally. This is it ! I have been tense and sick and bored and ill. Now I see more brightly. By enrolling myself into responsibility to take a complete responsibility for myself and for everyone as myself, I am stating that I can be responsible for myself and everyone as myself. And to live and practice what is best for all. Inn oneness and equality.

We all have to rise from the debt of depression, anger, tears and wars and find ourselves here and responsible to able to live out lives to be human beings that can be responsible.

We are living like mind zombies we must be able to evolve from that. That is not life. We must be able to evolve from that. It is time to wake up. We are living mind zombies, is not the way to live. People live and have been living within enslavement of mind for centuries, and since ancient times, back in the different dimensional existing. You can say it where different times than 200 million years ago for instance. The world / earth as we know it is 360 billion years old. It was different matters back then inn time and existence where we were enslaved. That does not mean we cannot change.

It is today that we have used more recourses than ever. We are consuming and polluting this earth to pieces. Till here no further. Enough is enough.

It is time to learn the mind and to lean to be responsible, we can step out of mind eventually. We can climb out of mind and really learn it and the use it like the tool it is.

There is a key for everyone. Are you ready to use yours ? It is chaos out there, war, famine, abuse, violence, corruption, etc. Are you ready to take responsibility and walk with us ? Will you change ?

Will you do what is best for all?  Walk with us – let’s get this done.

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Thank you!

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