Day 504 – Vicious circle of emotions.

It starts with stress and goes on to fear, and then perhaps into anxiety, then over at competing and comparison and from there into judgment and from there over at who I am practically physically, and perhaps over at stress again.

This is the looping where I see I am living when I am, what shall I say, suffering, and dragging myself through misery. I realize that I can stop this turbulent fuck – ride by simply slowing down and not stressing. It might be that I will bump into competing or judging or go into fear even still, but that would be because of old mind patterns that I then can deal with through self forgiveness and through self corrections.

Join us at desteni where we do exactly that. Stopping and preventing sickness and internal war. So slow down your movement. Body movement – it is not easy but it will be worth it if you do it. Let’s get through this. Learn self forgiveness.

Start today with this lite course: it is free of charge and it is with buddy support:

Thank you for reading.


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Walk the talk/indentify and work with your illness: :

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Delete poverty:

More on my process:

About desteni: Thank you!


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