Day 501 Schizophrenia and religions (ideas/opinions/believes/perceptions)


(art work by Moebius)

There is many a tale and sharing of for instance on face book groups on schizophrenia. There is like 6 or 7 different schizophrenia sites on face book, to my awareness. And there is allot of crap/spam being served. There is clams there and also found in the professional networking and debates groups on psychiatry, talks I have head, that claim that people that are experiencing voices in the head or other phenomena’s of voices or backchats and thoughts and such a words , where they are then convinced that these words or voices are not their own. They are convinced that these voices are external and from then, do not take responsibility for the voices and the thoughts in mind/head.

This is also pictured in media – the demigod that media is on itself – through magazines and TV, glossy papers, movies, talk shows, porn, through programming of feeling lesser than, and making us feel worthless, and dumb, and irresponsible. The modern media is screaming in our face how worthless we are, and that we should cheer for this army team, and these football players and we should act like Robert Downing Jr, all cool, and we should be looking pretty like Jim Carry and careless like Snoop Doggy Dog and be sexy like Miley Cyrus and darling like Maria Cary … we are clinging on ideas of ourselves to be something that we so obviously cannot be. The TV is screaming at us to be like this and that and not giving us real challenges. At all. And if we fail we can start popping pills or smoking weed and look forward to up in the statics of addiction dramas. Because then we are not worthy of being here. And this rat race or hell hole of a entertainment industry, that we face today have got to end. Until then we end up feeling emotional, from not looking like Brad Pitt, Will Smith or Lady Gaga and we are left drugged and dosed because we get depressed from not pulling our own weight like the TV/Media is telling us to. You are supposed to look like, this supermodel guy girl .. why do you not ?

Where we end up like total mind zombies, addicted to feeling bad and in need of pity party at Mc Donald’s after just to feel “good” again. Some one vise once said that “Disney and porn is like crack and cocaine”- There is much truth these words. Addicted to abuse and energy rushes. To not give a shit. And act irresponsible. Beer commercials, porn, action movies, big brother show, game shows etc. Making us dumber and dumber and dumber.

I say till here no further with this attitude. It is time to take responsibility for oneself. Right here, right now, stand up and quit fucking around with not taking a complete responsibility for oneself and oneness mind and oneness body.

There are numerous people, operating on face book or simply sharing their idea/believe/opinion/perception, that their voices is messages from God/Jesus/the devil/John Lennon/others – that tell them certain things. Media is full of stories of people that for instance kill other being – and then saying a voice told them to do it. Failing to take responsibility for the voice within themselves – in the first place.

This is where schizophrenia gets dangerous to my experience anyways. The paranormal experience of voices in the head gets so out there with its energies and its workings. Because, if you look into thought design and really dig into self and learn about mind and psychology, you will, if you dig deep enough, learn that, all sound within oneness own head is from self within. Al friction and reactions, thoughts and backchats comes from the self. This is a part of where for instance Buddhism is clear and basing some of their foundations. Achieving a quiet mind. To be responsible with oneneself and to make mind quiet though practicing for instance meditation and through doing things according to a ideas of karma and what is best for all. Shit, it is what we all want, peace and quiet within and so without.

Now very many people would totally disclaim this awareness and say that , someone else is doing it to me, “these are not my voices” , and they would go very, very, very far with not taking responsibility for their voices, and their experience of mind. In fact, it is how the world is run. Irresponsible. It is time to stop.

This is where many call it to be schizophrenic and to be mentally unstable and to hear voices. Many schizophrenics do not take responsibility for the voice within them. They should. Many schizophrenics say that God is sending the voices or that it is someone else then themselves. They claim it is from telepathy or through paranormal experience or a sort of radios transmitting of thoughts. They call it divine or miracle and call themselves shamans or physics. This is very far from being responsible with self. Because you are not dealing with the issue at hand. You are not dealing with the issue of your own voices. And not what is best for all.

We need to wake up and smell the dirt. It is ourselves that got us here. We cannot blame anyone but yourself for our misfortune. Yes, we have been programmed and brainwashed, and yes the system is corrupt and it stinks, but we build the fucking system, and we have been participating with it since birth. So it does not change the fact that we are self responsible. And from that fact that we must take responsibility for our self and our mind, and we must all be responsible to remove these programming and this learning, that is so very wrong. We must all come to the responsible point that we need to de – program our self – and that my friend, is not done over night. This takes years of practice and steady work.

Join us and lets walk together for what is best for all in oneness and equality.

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