Day 500 Heather from you tube – a Schizophrenia portrait.

There is this portrait, a short video of a girl on youtube, it have been there for many years. It is to be a cases study in Schizophrenia.

We are presented this girl, it is hard to determine here age. Between 20 and 40 probably. We hear here talk some first about the world. Interestingly enough. Sort of reflecting on matters. She sips here coffee and it could look like she have problem with communicating and talking without spitting. With this I am trying to say that she seems very hard medicated.

18 people die, every day in USA, because of too much drugs and to many chemicals in their bodies. 18 adults. In compare 22 USA war veterans die from suicide every day.

These are horrible numbers, that can simply not go on within life that we are living – it is not acceptable.

So what is my point. My point is that if we all were given the cool/ best service that is out there, like Soteria houses, open dialogue, we could all have better lives where we are. If everyone that had mental difficulties and needed help, where presented a real cool and best for all solutions then, we could evolve as humans. Equally. Today the people that are enrolled with psychiatry are but consumers. Buying drugs to take/eat. This is simply not acceptable. Some people take more then 5-6 yes, even 12 and 13 different types of drugs every day. These numbers are not rare. Especially not in USA.

It is time for a change. Psychiatry needs a solid and real change. The paradigm shift is at our door and we need to embrace it. Only the best solutions, would we like for the next generations, to have as experience. To a far degree I would expect us to start to learn more “old” skills again. Skills that are almost forgotten these days with so many iPods and big screens and so much consume pressure.

Living income to all would make sure that the “old ” skill of being able to make kitchen tool of wood, or to knit or paint or sing songs. Dance, play trumpet, and have fun! Cognitive learning and cool challenges to self.

Change is coming. Are you prepared ? Let’s start to walk for what is best for all. Check out Living income and our proposal for a dignified life for all.

Thank you.

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