Day 498 – Chemical therapy and toddlers.


“About 10,000 toddlers (2 – 3 years old) are now known to be on amphetamines/Ritalin/other ADHD drugs in USA.”

I suggest to read through this article about toddlers and chemical therapy that adults push on them.

Children as young as 1 years old are being per scripted drugs in the USA. Amphetamine drugs is pushed to cure behavioral difficulties. It is time that it would ring a bell to just about anyone.

I seem to remember that it is during ones childhood years that one is supposed to grow and become a person and to become something that I have not been before. I am/was shaped then. I seem to remember that it is when you are a young child that you are being shaped into what you later will live and become, literally. It is these years that you are becoming yourself. But this is all proven wrong with this fact that when you are a toddler you need chemical therapy to adjust and to suit into society. That a drugs is supposed to bridge you into reality.

I can understand that some adults could need some bridging from chemical therapy, sometimes and that some adult is in need of chemical therapy to bridge themselves into reality.

It is to me, on the other hand, a crime against life that one do not have faith, in these children’s ability to change and shape into productive human beings. They are not seen or hardly considered as anything else than potential consumers and drug addicts the way they are per scripted drugs. It is from this age, that we are shaped into what we later will live and be. These children would be doomed drug addicts. It is like saying to a 2 year old that you cannot change. And that is, put into system, a crime against life.

Physicians and doctors need some cold water in their blood. This chemical therapy train is running way to fast, in the wrong way and in full speed. 18 adult people die in USA everyday because of to huge a cocktail of drugs. Like I said I can understand that some people need some drugs to bridge themselves for period or years at time to bridge into reality. But chemical therapy is still not a alone a sufficient method to use, the way it is today. We still need to write, dance and sing, we need to paint, work out and laugh. Talk. We need to socialize and to be challenged and to achieve and learn.

It is time that we start to re – learn some practical learning skills. For that I would suggest to read and study this blog of ” A teachers journey to life”:

And if you really want to become true to yourself and reach for your possibly best and most perfection at I suggest to check out all these links below. And have a nice day!

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