496 – Early birds

Weird stuff.. early birds that tell a tale.

There is changes coming to existence. There are numerous sign that tell us so. We have almost driven this world into extinction. Greed and selfishness have managed to ruin very much of our lives and our planet. Hundreds of thousands of animal species and life forms have already gone extinct. And will not return.

So at the brink here of all existence we are witnessing news and new stories that are coming out from the dark and into light. Like the sound waves from the comet rosette for instance:

Instruments designed to analyze the plasma environment surrounding 67P have recorded a low, bubbling song though to be created by a stream of electrically charged particles released as the comet hurtles through space at 34,175mph.




It is within my awareness that rocks are also a part of life. So traveling through space makes the rock communicating rock. That is something else. I am really fascinated by this phenomena and it triggers me to know that rocks are so much more than what we actually allow them to be. Rocks can be manipulated and turned into possession and object like tomb stones for instance. Or crystals for sale. Rocks have been suffering from, I can say, through mining and demolition of man for hundreds of years so that man could find gold, and copper, mineral, oil and so on. Man have made himself into ruler of this planet, by far, and then driven it quite beyond. With his insanity. The money system is again going into crisis. The money system is coming to a final and complete stop. This is coming soon. It will be a great awakening for many. It is time that we start to be responsible, and It is a long process and there is no easy turn to this. To become one and equal with existence is cooperating with earth. We have come to a stopping point in a new era. There is work ahead of us. It is a process with political changes and taking responsibilities.

A clear sign of this is the “singing comet – Rosetta”, because people think of rocks as dead and possessions – object to be manipulated. But they are more than that.

Why do I think this is a sign ? Because it is extraordinary and breath taking. It is something that humans are not use to. This singing comet is something that is new to humans that think of rocks mostly as dead. But they are not.

A Comet where it is recorded a song or at least a sound from the comet as it is traveling through space. A reminder of what life actually is.

– And then this a lady in Poland that wakes from the dead. How little we know of afterlife or heaven or life at all. Where heaven is today, if we are implying it to earth through politics. How to make this world into heaven on earth and then not having a heaven within clouds above us for instance. Because the old heaven have stopped to exist. There is now going to be heaven on this earth in the form of equality and oneness. Eventually. You are welcome to contribute and make this change complete. We are all in it together, we equality share the responsibilities of what goes on this planet. Join us in creating the best life possible for all.

A 91-year-old Polish woman was declared dead and spent hours in a morgue before waking up, to the astonishment of hospital staff and relatives. Her demise and resurrection had apparently created an appetite, as she ate soup and pancakes.


Check it out:


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