Day 490 – Schizophrenia and shamanism.

Within my journey of carrying on the diagnosis of schizophrenia, and carrying the emotions and the baggage of such an illness, I have been confronted many times, with the term shaman or shamanism in relation or as a recipe to the illness of schizophrenia. That I would conquer my schizophrenia by calling it shamanism or spiritual in any way.


There is people that are trying to make a living within the new age believe, that schizophrenia is the same as shamanism. It is two sides of the same coin sort of. To a certain point I would say that yes you are right, and that it might be an cool path for some to follow. But on the other hand, inn for instance inn Ethiopia there is not, at all, allot of people diagnosed with schizophrenia. Not at all. Because they do not have (still) that part of western civilization that we have in USA and in Canada, Scandinavia and larger part of Europe for instance.

Many people that hear about schizophrenia or that read about it or listens to Terrance McKenna on YouTube would get a marginalized view of what Schizophrenia is.

From that point of view the schizophrenic person is seen as this mystical and sacred magician and shaman, that is like a doctor or a demi-god in society and perhaps in the “tribe”. I know for instance how doctors in Africa are known to practice circumcision on young girls. Now that I am convinced we can agree upon is not cool and rather very, very problematic. This is what shamans so in 3rd world countries. That is a wake up pill.

So what solutions do we have here ?

Well I can very well suit myself into the idea that I can be a shaman and I can be a artist or a clown or a public speaker in front of a crowd. How does that sound ? Now if I call myself “a shaman” or “Lady Gaga” or “Cool J” that is really not that important. The important part then would be my message.

This is adopted into modern days and into western thinking and culture. One of the dangers I see is that people relate mental disorders to shamanism and it is almost stated that any mental disorders. Drug culture, and studying religions, and allot of different ideas that there exist only light and love, that can be related to new age or spiritual thinking and being. To many a mental patient being schizophrenia or bi – polar or ad/hd, traumas and obsessions, and other diagnosis, would lack words to describe their emotions or their mind set. They would not benefit that much from this. Long time therapy and long time care would be needed in many of these circumstances.

I will let you inn on something. Schizophrenia is not something nice and cozy – Namaste or clown stuff. I wish it was. Schizophrenia is real energy demons that flow and possess on into psychosis through voices and traumas and through a verbal – fuck – feast of words and abusive speeches and hallucinations and backchats that is simply – sick.

Schizophrenia can be very, very dangerous. It is not a fun – ride. It should be, but it isn’t. Life should be fun for all, but it isn’t. But if we can agree on solutions and medication etc, we can make it cool and fun for everyone. Balance is a key word here that I by darn am learning to use. Pushing through myself to manage, the road to recovery that could be that life, for what is best for all, could be more fun for all or at least more easy to live. It is not nice to be schizophrenic. But I guess it is a matter of how you define it. What suits for you solutions. When possessions go on they can be very hurtful and damaging. To him/herself or to others. How many times and headlines have you not heard that people say “It was the voices that made me do it” (crime).

So either we have been blaming our acts and deed on God or Terrence or TV etc.. we must all learn to stand responsible with ourselves. And simply taking on a new jacked and saying .. “but now I am a shaman” is not a solution that would work for all. Far from it. Community shelters and homes, services and care, would be needed a long ways to go still. Solutions like Soteria houses, Fountain houses, and Runaway houses, green door project and shelter homes, assisted work and cool schedules, and chores.

People that I know from psychiatry, that suffer from schizophrenia and that are hearing voices, would like this one thing more than anything… one thing more than anything in this world, and that is peace of mind, quiet, from voices and noise.

It is very, very irresponsible to claim that voices is not thought manifested within oneness body. Because they are exactly that. Because all thoughts are a result from sub – conscious and un- conscious mind. Memories and physical. From self of the individual. And what I hear in my head – origins within my head/body.

I will let you inn on this here fact: All the voices and the words that I hear within my head I am responsible for myself. All of it. That might seem like a tough pill to swallow for some but it is fact of life. That way it is understandable to realize that I can achieve a silent mind. It is there for possible to get peace of mind. Quiet. I can, given effort, achieve a quiet mind and peace in my head. If I work on it and forgive myself and learn to take responsibility for myself.

If you are ready to set free the energies that are holding you back and that is controlling you from voices within. Let’s go, and start your process with desteni and self forgiveness. Lest forgive ourselves. It is the best key/tool there is to use. Let’s start walking with the tools that are available to achieve a peaceful mind.

There are no short cuts. Lest start this process for what is best for all. Check out the links : Have a nice day.

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More on my process:



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