Day 489 – Schizophrenia/ psychiatry and Mad Inn America. M.I.A.

Schizophrenia/ psychiatry and Mad Inn America. M.I.A.


MIA is the new cool topic. At least to me. Mad in America is the new cool within psychiatry. Though it have actually lasted a while.

I really, really would like to encourage you to check out their cool site online. Here it is:

Mad In America. It have lots of cool features and applications. MIA was started out as a book project by the author Robert Whitaker back in 2001. He wrote a book specifically focusing on chemical therapy and on drug usage in USA.

Praised by some and feared by others, the foundation of MIA was started, and that almost like a civil rights movement, the MIA is, and holds much or what the future is of psychiatry, or should is say that it don’t. And in fact how we are going to delete the whole thing (psychiatry) and move on with ourselves. Eventually. Psychiatry is not cool for anyone. It need to be abolished. To then evolve and leave the doors to psychiatry once and for all, and rather start to care for one another here, in where we are physically and in practical manners, with commonsense and what we have of solutions.

MIA is that one of the last found missing links to end to the old psychiatry that we have seen the last 100 years or so, in western countries. It have been a nightmare. For approximately 100 years.

I feel like calming myself down alitel. Because I get kind of exited from this and I need to calm myself down actually. Because it is getting alitel hyped up, at least in my head. I must admit that I get really excited when I read about MIA and how diagnosis’s do not actually exist and how we should rethink the whole thing and I think like “Oh My God this is happening”, and “This is so exiting”, and “This happens in my lifetime – I get to experience this”” – and I get so excited.   And I see myself that I am bit electrified or inn a obsession, and I realize that I sort of jump on the train before it have really manifested and made its course clear. And I realize that I need to be here, as physical and ground myself. I simply want this one thing so bad, and that is, to not pass on psychiatry to the coming generations. We can do better than this. So let’s. I stop and I breathe and I ground myself here as physical.

MIA and the new recovery thinking is some of what is shaping the psychiatry today, in the mental health industry, it is still right on time and it is coming to give us recovery and all sorts of cool new developments and services, instead of the old hospital and industry and money making of mental health.

Soteria houses is one of these solutions, Runaway houses is another. Along with a living income guaranteed, these services will be very, very welcome. We would need a living income guaranteed to go with the new “flow”. Poverty have stained psychiatry for decades. And if you end up in poverty you might also very, very much easier end up with drug addictions and crime of various kinds. It takes guts and effort to go for language classes instead of weed. To change oneself. To prioritize going to the gym or to swim instead of participating with crimes. All sorts. And to change the being from his or hers living life with chemical therapy and drug abuse and /or alcohol abuse and in general from a unhealthy life style, into something that is good and sound and safe. Dignified and with decency. That is common sense. A human right. And we have a proposal for that. New human rights from the equal life foundation. Check it out:

Along with a living income guaranteed that I would like you to help us, shape and make into perfection, check out the site, there is a tread for discussion:

We will see that the new recovery and organizations like Mad Inn America, would provide us with new chances to develop and change to what is best for all. Along with training and social management. This will bring changes into the lives that we live.

Go on MIA, I love you already.

Thank you for reading.

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Lite course :

Delete poverty:

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