Day 484 – My dog Castro

I want to write some of the pets that I have had. Here goes about my dog Castro.
I want to write about the dog I once had. Of my own. I was responsible for it. I want to dedicate this blog to my former pet dog and friend Castro.

I once lived in a owned apartment in the busy oil city of Stavanger.

I was thinking one day or during some time that I would need a pet. A dog to be specific. So I decided to search for a dog on the web.

There were lots of dogs for sale. Breading is almost like a sport to some humans and at the same time a reason for suffering for some of the dogs. Doges that are bread are more likely to suffer from having been bread. I suggest for you to search for that and investigate what goes on with that to understand what some dogs are putt through.

Anyways. I was not a “rich man” , so I decided that if I wanted a dog it would have to be a dog that was for free. No money involved. So I found this dog (Castro) and I contacted the human owners. I had to drive to the place where they lived. I took with me this dog (Castro) a beautiful mixture of Labrador retriever and English setter. A totally black dog that was very fond of running.

He showed me that once I first came to pick him up. He was showing me that he liked to run. He really reminded me of Goofy from the Disney movies. And I named him Castro.

I took with me the dog and drove home to my apartment. Now I was not properly prepared to care for a dog at all. The most challenging part was when we were going to sleep. I grew this habit of singing to my dog when I was to have him sleep.

He would cry allot when we were going to sleep, because I would separate myself for him. I first tried to have him sleep in a the hall. But he cried to bravely and in fear, so I took him into my bed room. I would lay with him and sing to him on the floor where of my bedroom, and then he would then later crawl up to my bed and lick me and pray to stay in my bed with me.

I was not the ideal pet owner. I lived in a small apartment in a busy city and I was also hooked on drugs and alcohol. So when I tried to walk with Castro I would try to teach him not to walk on the high way. This was not easy. He would not listen to me and he would not understand what I was saying with the result that I got angry and mad at him for not understanding me. It all ended with that I left him to someone else. I gave him away to someone else that lived in the same city. I was also given the gift of seeing him again after one year later. And I could tell he was recognizing me. It was a dear moment to me to remember. I could see that he was cared for. It felt alright.

Owning a dog is great responsibility, and if your dog is adopted it might have traumas with it from the past. It might be quite the task to try to work with your dog if he or she is suffering from traumas. If you decide to have a pet, please, please chose form the centers of rescued dogs if there is such a center where you live. There are so many dogs that need shelter and loving care in this world, please chose from a shelter if you can and you decide to have a dog. Please investigate this before you decide to have a dog of your own.

Self forgiveness will follow in the next post.

Have life/loving day !


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