483 – Stem cells and schizophrenia/psychiatry.

Stem cells and stem cell science is cool. It have promises of making you forever young and to cure any illness of one’s body, and It sound like this futuristic cool medicine. And that is what it is. Futuristic. And when such promises are made or such science is being promoted, there have to come people that want to scam and abuse this facts. With the promise of being forever young and to cure any illness there is the chance of people abusing this science and this promises to own benefit.

And it happens. People are being fooled.

This stem cell agents that operate of facebook and other place with their promises of curing schizophrenic is nothing but scam. Because like one of the leading scientist say they are simply just starting to see the result of this sort of sciences today, and that it will take allot time to develop. Stem cell treatment takes time, and these early birds that runner advertisements shows on facebook and elsewhere eyes nothing but fooling you and deceiving and trying to steal your money.

Stem cell treatment could be cool to have when it is made into perfection. Stem cell treatment could be used to heal and halt numerous illnesses. But until then it is best to leave it be. Until there is real sciences that proves else these companies are nothing but scam. So do not fall for this agents and these sales people on facebook. They will fool you.

Meanwhile you could investigate self forgiveness which is a self help tool to relief one form the energy baggage that one have been programmed with. To learn self forgiveness and to learn to be responsible with oneself. Start a course and start walking with writing self forgiveness today. It is self talk and self communication, you will benefit guaranteed.

The coolest store in the universe: https://eqafe.com/

Desteni: http://desteni.org/

Walk the talk/indentify and work with your illness: : http://desteniiprocess.com/

Lite course : http://lite.desteniiprocess.com/

I will leave two videos with different perspective on stem cell treatment enjoy:

Stem cell therapy — beyond the headlines: Timothy Henry at TEDxGrandForks

Stem Cell Fraud: A 60 Minutes investigation

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