Day 480 – Recovery model in psychiatry and living income guaranteed.

Recovery model in psychiatry and living income guaranteed.

We see today the starting of the end of psychiatry. We have actually seen it since the 1970’s starting in Italia where western psychiatry had it first blow, to the start of the end of psychiatry as we knows it. With the Basaglia Law. Where huge state driven hospitals is being shut down. And closed. It is changing into a small scale housing and caring units where mastering self and finding decency is vital. With the new psychiatry we see that it is focused on healthy living, physical activity, lesser drug use, more cognitive challenges and peer/ experience working.

A homeless man sleeps on the pavement in Paris

People that have been suffering from schizophrenia or bipolarity and traumas or eating disorders, etc, for a long time that is now taking on the role as healthcare workers because they know best what the patient need. They have been in those shoes. And they are to starting to work specially with their experience and working with the people that are for the first time within psychiatry or should I say recovery. This is now a ongoing struggle for many where they face bureaucracy and doctors and lawyers that are clinging on to the old testimonies of drugs, electro compulsory treatment and the old hierarchy structure of stat driven hospitals.

Soteria houses is one of these solutions, se my blog on this topic here:

All these people, within the old psychiatry are supposed to have a service applied to them. The criminally insane is left for prison units and hospitals unites for their own and society safety.

It is inn with carrots, Spanish lessons, piano lessons, and gym sessions, and out with drugs and substance abuse and junk food. That is the bigger picture.

This change also requires a decent pay to make sure that the person do not end up in troubles again and to make sure that the person can stay out of troubles like with drug abuse that will inn anyway worsen their situation in relation to how they are going to make ends meet and having this fear on themselves constantly within how they lives. A social security is needed.

This will have to also be paid by the government. For more information on how to found a living income guaranteed, I suggest to read the proposal and study online material on living income solutions.

People that stay in for instance Soteria houses must be given money and social security.

It is not free to go to the gym and it is not without cost to live. It is still needed to be granted social security. Phone bills, car repair, clothes, health care, education, etc, all this costs. And all this is bringing then the money back into the larger economy within society. Basic income will then be a healthy injection to the world, economy and it will for sure boost economy and create a more safer society and a more transparent society. It is still a needed to have a social security and it is still needed to provide the many millions of patient with enough money so that they can live a life without fear of not having that security. The fear of not having social security and the disturbances if so is deep and many. I suggest to investigate this blog to understand some of what it is to have fear of money and social security:

A living income guaranteed is a idea whose time have come. The gap between rich and poor is getting larger and larger each second and it is not healthy or in any way amusing to anyone no more.

Living income is the message of Jesus, to give like you want to receive. Love thy neighbor.

With a living income guaranteed we will set free allot of anxiety and we will most likely , see a explosion of people acting out and singing, dancing, playing and performing in the streets. That is most likely to happen. So do not wait, investigate the solution today and find out where you can contribute.  And have nice day.


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