Day 478 – Revolutions is not the answer.

Revolution is not the answer.

During the last 10 years we have had different revolutions going off in the world. The “Arabic spring” started in Tunis and evolved into Libya and Egypt. They have just experienced a revolution. What happened to their countries? Some of the puppets of the political game was changed out but nothing really changed … Nothing. If so for the worse. For the worse. Whoever thinks that revolution is the way to go, like the Arabic spring have got schooling to do. Seriously.

First of all it is in USA interest to see a constant revolution and a constant war in this world that we live. The USA war machine makes allot (!) of money when Israel fights Palestine, and when Ukraine fight Russia etc.. It is vital to understand the role that USA plays as a world police, dominator, within the word society and sort of starts wars where it pleases within this world. Practically. And in terms.

What we need is a peace full change into a political new era. The riots in Hong Kong is not of a change. That is not what a democracy looks like. They only make the ruling hand in Beijing more harsh. No change at all. Only for worse. Political change is peaceful and in harmony. Political change is a gentle and calm transmission.

It is only that we have been programmed to think that it should happen like a action matrix movie. It have been programmed into our very DNA that transmission and change is violent, and hurtful, – when it really don’t have to be that. At all.

Think of it. Scenario. Is it possible to have change without violence ? Yes of corce it is. People sitting down and writing a political manifest and proposing change, through the democratic corridors with who and where they are. That could be change. That is what a democracy looks like.

Political change should and must be peaceful and gentle, because if it is not it will fail. Simple as that.

So gather up a group, and start to write a political manifest to propose to government and political change. Let’s do this for what is best for all. Start a politic change group on facebook. Join us in equal life foundation, Check out

Have a revolting free day!



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