Day 477 – Relationship to mind and schizophrenia.

Relationship to mind and schizophrenia. – My relationship to my mind. I realize that I have a mind. In doing so I am asking myself to align myself within equality and oneness with my mind, and I imagine that I do that and I adjust myself within what is best for all. I think of mind as something that sort of belongs to me. But I must stop it. The mind represents me and also everything around me. Almost as this manifested object of a box (to be specific) that belongs to me. The reason I would think that it belong to me is because of my close relationship to energies and psychosis. And because I have lived and life within my mind for many, many years like a mind zombie. Occupying the mind very, very much of my time. Living the pre program and living my mind. I further realize that the mind is also a key, and that eventually will take part of me to unify me within my physical. But until them I must work to make that real and into matters. From the physical starting point of for instance separation. And forgive myself for this friction or this movement/conflict. This relationship of a .. ice cream box that I have, until now, here to relate to and breathe with. My physical here.


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I think that I must be maybe more aware of my mind because of my experiences with psychosis  and things like voices in the head or backchats that I have been experiencing having schizophrenia. I further, think of my mind as this final obstacle and tool that I have to be come. To eventually stop my thoughts and to take complete responsible for my everything. My relationship to my mind is that my mind is sort of my old self. My mind is my old self and it is based on what I did yesterday or years back. I also realize that my mind could turn on me and sort of turn inside out on me and prove to be quite a trap if I dig to deep within the unconscious within my world. I further realize that my mind is divide into 3 parts mainly. The part that make up the mind is:

  1. The conscious
  2. Sub – conscious.
  3. Un- conscious.

And these three is very related within their function what they “are”. The more I occupy the mind the more I accept the mind with everything that goes on within the world. Everything. Conscious is when I experience thoughts, feeling and emotions and it is where all the action have been taking place. With me being Schizophrenic and more exposed to energies and psychosis this is what I would rephear to as a battle ground or this place of action because I experience it so lively and so authentic. My un – conscious is the parts of me where I cannot se and where I cannot be fully aware of what goes on. I simply have to gain trust from the signals or the physical living change that I experience in relating to the mind as a whole. Un – conscious is where we have the unified conscious filed where everyone is interwove. Everything takes place here. War, famine, rape, murder, hunger, corruption etc. And that is also why we all have to stop and catch our breath and find back to here and be change for what is best for all. Give as you want to receive and love thy neighbor. We first and foremost need to stop. And then there is sub – conscious where we have the DNA structure placed within us before we are born. Sub conscious where the sins of our fathers are passed down to our very gene form within the womb of our mothers. All this is downloaded as information and stored within out physical and our conscious mind and it is from here information is scraped together to be sent into conscious mind and born as thoughts. Just like to recycle human beings like batteries of matrix. From our downloaded information from our forefathers information is collected and brought into a sort of gathering of information and a thought is born. From the very sins of our fathers and our ancestors. It is important to learn to say stop to self. It is important to everyone to make your life matter. If you don’t yours life does not count. For real. To be that equal and one change within life is a life task and it is a clear and it is the choice that we all should grab when we can. Since it is what is best for all and it is what is responsible with yourself. The mind is eventually the key to self. So learn your mind. Join us at desteni end learn yourself inside out! Another way to see the 3 levels of mind, conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind – is that the conscious is the thoughts that you have popping up every day. My thoughts is within conscious. The subconscious is the personalities, the reactions – the ancestors, the more deeper dimensions of the mind. The unconscious is for example physical behaviors where you aren’t even aware that you’re acting out a personality but where it’s become so much a part of you that you don’t even notice. So it’s like the conscious is the surface layer, then the subconscious is what’s under the surface and then the unconscious is the ‘deep dark ocean. Learn the mind, learn to stop the mind and learn self with the tools of desteni. Check out the links.

The coolest store in the universe: Desteni: Walk the talk/indentify and work with your illness: : Lite course : Delet poverty: Thank you for reading.


One thought on “Day 477 – Relationship to mind and schizophrenia.”

  1. I know of the psychiatrists who laid the foundation and constructed the artificial, scientific-like label schizophrenia, Kraepelin and Bleuler.

    Ten decades later there is no evidence of the existence of schizophrenia in the real world. Just unproven theories of where this thing called schizophrenia may be located in persons in crisis, suffering emotional pain, immense suffering, iatrogenic injury and early death because of the invalid “science” of bio-psychiatry, its corrupted beliefsystem and dangerous “treatments”.I’ll try to send you an article on another approach. Respectfully yours, Berit,

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