Day 476 – Orthomolecular medicine

Psychiatry and Orthomolecular medicine. Orthomolecular medicine. It means the “right” medicine. There is allot and I do mean allot of different recopies for becoming well from a psychiatric diagnosis within orthomolecular medicine. Ortho – means right so it is refering to the “right” medicine for you. Within Orthomolecular medicine – the word Orto means the right. The right type. So this word is widely used especially with nutrition mixed and all sorts of special cures to eat within the world of finding cures to ones symptoms and oneness illness. There is hundreds if not thousands of so called medical experts that say “If you want to get well eat these pills they are pure vitamins” etc… There is allot off people making huge sums of money on people suffering and being desperate with finding a cure.

There is variety of actors within this field and some of the more moderated companies is simply suggesting that we eat right. To find out if you are intolerant against milk of whet for instance, is a common discovery. And to test body fluids and see what food you lack within your diet – is e very popular test to take and to discover whether your diet is lacking some ingredients. I would say that it is coot o runs such a allergic test, if you experience trouble with your health that does not simply go away. These test can be ordered with your ordinary doctor. It is important what we eat and to eat plenty of healthy food is important, and also to eat different food eat a variety of food s is important. More and more people are ending up with diabetes and allergic to food reactions. And if you look at the supermarket food that we eat it is no wonder that we get allergic. It is a sick system. There is so much chemicals and poisonous substances added to our ordinary food that we become sick and allergic. This is something that we see occupying our mind and taking our very strength with fighting food companies like Monsanto. Political changes are needed to stop the poison in our food and to stop the GMO food. We need clean food. But ranting and raving and demonstrating is not the answer. We need democratic changes that will be best for all and that will serve life. A political change where life I considered for real.


Living income guaranteed by equal life foundation is such a change. With  medicine there is allot of fraud and scams. I would say look out for their companies can do some investigation of the field of medication or nutrition for becoming aware of what to eat or take of nutrition’s to become healthy and become well from your symptoms and your disease. There is lots of dishonest people that are only out to get your money and there is lots of fraud. Very often I see in the news how companies are running business as of fraud. Many people are fooled and end up more sick then what they were before. But there is also success stories that the companies cling on to.

A advice from me is to listen to your doctor and to listen to the experienced research that could be found for instance at – they are investigating these companies that claim to know the answer, and they investigate for reels for people that have schizophrenic illness at least. To investigate and finding background material is something everyone should do more, and stop buying the lies and brainwash of mainstream media and the commercial factories. You have Google. Use it. I realize that it might seem like I am writing of the Orthomolecular medicine. That is not fair and it is not of my intention. There is lots of solution within these types of medications. Healing and health might very well be found here.

I want to make sure that you understand that there is lots of Orthomolecular medicine and homeopathic medicine that could work and be perfectly ok for one to use.

I want to make sure that it is not my attention to write of all homeopathic medicine or Orthomolecular medicine. There are lots of solutions found there and there is lots of ways to heal self through this medicine. The key here is to do research and to investigate background data and material.

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