Day 475 – Psychiatry and Scientology.

Psychiatry and Scientology.

Psychiatry and Scientology.

It may not be known to everyone’s awareness, but scientologists are engaging allot with of mental health and mental illnesses, like within state driven psychiatry. They oppose it and it shows.

Scientology have a special interest with psychiatry. The religious or cultish movement was founded on believes that it must cure and get past old traumas. Old traumas from childhood must be cured and one be able to get past ones past. The scientologist claim to have cure for mental illness and especially trauma experiences that they can cure through a conscious experience called “auditing”. A sort of interview done by a scientologist.

Now, within psychiatry there is allot of traumas and difficult stories. And scientology claimed to have a recopied to cure these illnesses through what they call “auditing”

Scientology have engaged deeply with psychiatry the last years. And there are allot of people ringing the alarm bells. They have produces material to place the drug and medical business inn a bad light. They are very critical to the way psychiatry is run today. They produce materials and videos to expose psychiatry for its abuse.

At the same time we see that organizations across a wide range of interest are not happy that the religion of scientology is going in and engaging within the field of psychiatry. Most all organizations that I know of are engaged and that have long experience with psychiatry, do not want anything to do with scientology.

The scientologist have bee criticized in all the countries that they have established them self. They are being blamed as a cult and being demonic and brutal. There have been exposed by main stream media from being cult and for running homes with child abuse. The religious movement, all are running work labor homes and care homes that are exposed as child labor farms with harsh conditions, and with brutality and strict discipline as principles. They tend to requite to these working and homes, from people that are poor or uneducated, and that are not living socially secure lives. There is lots to investigate with how they operate and the stories that expose the scientologist as a cult are many, to say the least. For instance the hacker group “Anonymous” have been attacking and blaming the scientologist with their own videos of testimonies, where they blame the scientologist for being abusive and so on.

Scientologist are engaging with psychiatry and mental health because they see what horror and madness that is being practiced within psychiatry. And that have been going on with psychiatry the time that psychiatry have existed. My guess is that scientologist engaging with psychiatry to gain more support for their religion and to catch people that are within psychiatry because they are usually without too much social security and that seams lost for rights. People that have been exposed to psychiatry could be viewed as easy targets and easy prey.

A real solution here is to give everyone within their country and culture, enough money to have a dignified life, so that people would not be so easy targets for the scientologist or others.

I mean everyone must be given a social security, and it is obvious that a means tested basic income is what is best for all, and also the individual.

People who are fighting psychiatry in Norway and that also have connection to scientologist are more easy to loose in the struggle with the juridical system because it is not considered cool at all amongst the lawyers and lawmakers, doctors and professors within the law of psychiatry. It seems like no one likes scientology, sort of like psychiatry. And there is allot of these doctors, lawyers and health professional elites. And they do not like the way scientologist are engaging with psychiatry at all.

So there is a clear connection within psychiatry where scientologist try to requite members to their church and their society. But it is not accepted by the established old law makers and doctors or and judges, at all. Not with the organizations, within psychiatry either I might add. So scientologist is breaking through to patients within psychiatry but it is not being tolerated so fear is created within the patient a towards scientologist and that sort of movements. And that is just one more fear for the patient to consider. And that is not cool.   I have felt this fear myself and it is a quite distinguished fear or pain in the head especially directed to the scientologist church and thee leaders. It is not a joke.

Scientologist like any other religions is lies and brainwashing. Why do I say that ? Because you be – lie – ve it. You are living a lie. It is hidden within the words. All religion and non religions are a lie. And they deceive from responsibility and life.

Time to wake up from the bubble existence. Time to take responsibility for oneself with walking and forgiving self.

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