Day 474 – Awakening to purpose

Awakening to purpose Telemark 2009

I realize now the moment that I went through what i will call my spiritual awakening. It took place in Telemark Norway the summer of 2009.I realized life had meaning. It was like a clear message and a cold shower.

What do I mean by spiritual awakening ? I mean the process to understand within the deep of my mind, that I am one and equal with everything.  I mean that for me to be able to love my neighbor as myself I must know myself and be able to forgive myself. To take responsibility for myself. To work on self – forgiveness everyday. By spiritual awakening I mean to appreciate and help, love and care for all life equal and one, and  by being responsible with myself and to do what is best for all at all times.

I had been dreaming of this camp in Telemark, place looking almost precisely like it did in my dreams when I arrived there. I had been dreaming of this when I was 14, or 15. I had seen people burning fires out on a field and being together working and having a great time. Dancing and laughing and smiling.

It was just that.

I had wanted to go to ting gathering for a long time. By this year (2009) I had lived 9 years in Stavanger. Doing a lot of substance abuse. I was seeking and trying to get on top of situations. I was spending time with people that would try to help me find my path and my direction. There were lots of people that would be acting like guides and helpers to me while I was seeking. Unfortunately my drug and alcohol addiction grew big and mean. And I was also told by many people to lay of the booze and the hajjis. Which I eventually did. May 2012.

I had quite some friends that I would listen to that had been at ting before me. I wanted to go but I hardly managed to stabilize myself to be sober and clean from drugs to attend it. So I was asked by some guys, before those magic moments of summer 2009. We drove the 4 -5 hours to Ting In Fyrresdalen in Telemark.

I clearly remember that me and 3 other men came driving from Rogaland into Telemark and into Fyrresdalen. I was a geat time we shared back then and i especially remember the feeling of being connected and in oneness

I had a great time but at the same time I also saw deep within myself and my emotional patterns that i had lived.

So I was both scared and inspired. Scared by having to place my feet on the ground again.  Being out in nature, with lots of other people enjoying food, play and bathing,  together and dancing to the rhythm of the drums.


Picture is from Rainbow gathering in Hungary 2014

The I remember dancing naked in the rain, swimming in the river and sitting near the fire, feeling connected and inn oneness. These day in Telemark where I was with all these so called alternative people. People that were also like me, tired of the trouble of greed. Pollution, wars and egoism. We would all be together and prepare food, sing, dance play and have fun.

I will not easily forget how I went through a awakening those days and it have burned quite a mark within my body how I was able to see the world in a more clear sight or vision.

At the same time I felt scared. I felt overwhelmed by the emotional pressure that I was being presented by myself honest suddenly being let lose. I felt scared and I did not connect with desteni before some months later. I was after this able to hear the desteni message. I could hear it clear as a bird through the thin air sometimes. I was so fucked up with alcohol and drugs and addictions that I was not able to direct myself to desteni for real. Not until the spring of 2012 was I able to let go of drugs and alcohol. I was able to let the down and move on with my life.

Looking back now, I think that what happened simply happened because of how I live my life, and me connecting with desteni took the time it took because of my addictions. I was not yet ready to commit before I really did.

I realize today that that the last piece of my puzzle was to join desteni and learn self forgiveness. Self forgiveness is the great key inn life. Self forgiveness is a profound tool to us on self. Speak out loud self forgiveness and let go of the energy addiction. I dear you.

Try a course from desteni. You will not regret it. Have a nice day.

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Thank you for reading.

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