Day 470 – Where can I find shelter ?

Where can I find shelter ?

The big state run hospitals are being voted out. Step by step they are closing down departments and units. What we see is a more human and all overall, better offer to the former patient, the student or the person with need of a shelter and that what is provided through a ordinary home and a house.

soteria house

There are huge changes coming within psychiatry the coming years. Eventually the whole psychiatry industry, will stop to exist. Psychiatry have for the 100 years it’s been existing, been almost nothing but abusive, violent and wrong, and it will therefore need to be stopped and ended. Totally. That does not mean that mental suffering and psychosis or other types of suffering will end that fast. But we need new solutions to these challenges. New solutions like Soteria House represents. Soteria Houses, are government founded houses that are for the service of people that end up with psychosis illness, homelessness and other types of struggles. People that need to find peace and stability within their lives. It is a recovery kind of treatment, with little or no drug use at all. It is a more complete recovery based approach to the treatment.

When people are given a living income that will support them with housing, healthcare, and education, food, the lives of these people will improve. They can afford to have therapy, the school, or the good quality food that they like, and the computer with internet and books to read, and things that improve oneness life. A safe roof over the head. Health care. They can by the stuff that they need to have good quality life. Maybe finish school, start a program for drug freedom, take cooking classes, or language classes to learn new skills, job training, and become better equipped within the life that they give themselves through the safe platform of having a living income guaranteed.

There are other types of houses, and it is mostly up to the founder to create their own variety. Their own design. Like Earth House in New Jersey, USA, and Runaway House in Berlin. There is also Fountain House but that is not a place to live and have home. Fountain house is more and daycare center, and job training.

The idea with these houses and services is that the person can stay there for 5,6,7 etc, months and learn to manage self, life and challenges. It is not a permanent home in that matter, but rather a temporary home, to gain strength to learn self help and to get some cool routines in oneness life.

And that there is the typical trend that we see in total. The possibility of having home within a shelter that is complete with services and facilities to support the best possible life for the person or the people that live there.

There is a point to consider and take note of. The daycare centers, and houses like Fountain houses are to a far degree existing today in the western part of the world. But these day care centers and facilities does not have own private room and sleeping, and there is no possibilities to have a real home within this houses. Now that is something that is provided by Soteria House, and Earth house, and Runaway house. And these houses are the future. They are and represent, what is best for all within the dying field of psychiatry now recovery. Step by step. They save society lots of money with being there, providing shelters. Lots of money saved from the peoples, not doing crime or ending up with substance abuse or violence and addiction dramas.

All ready today we see that in where I live near the oil capital of Norway, Stavanger and Rogaland there is a need for these homes, and shelters to provide people a home. Stability and safety. There is no such offer in this region of Norway today. I think it will come given the next 4-5 years. A Runaway house, or a Soteria house or a Earth house. Or a combination or a own design of a house like that.

Still we see that these people are given a place in these houses are not given enough respect or rights at all. First of all they do not have enough money to manage they lives and economy become a emotional heavy burden. In fact economy becomes the factor that drives people into insanity and drama, and desperation and eventually cost society lots and lots more than if we had a means tested income to everyone.

People are in general desperate to have more and more and more money. And this desperation causes crime and abuse, is costing us lots within the society. All sorts of crime is rooted here. Prostitution, corruption and drugs and all sorts that will be more easy to deal with when everyone is provide for. They key word here is transparency. And it is not that hard to calculate how much we in fact need. It is easy to say that “Champagne is luxury, a own private boat, jewelry, and holidays is luxury” – and there for not at all needed.

If people who have low income where given a living income guaranteed then the final prize of it all would be lower. If everyone where give enough money to life their lives then we would see more creativity and more honest sharing and love and life amongst us. So with Soteria houses and earth houses and Runaway houses are very good and cool solutions we see that the basic need of the people within these shelters are not fully met. The people that live in these houses are not given enough or proper pay for being alive and contributing in society.

Everyone must be given a decent sum of money to live decent lives. It is not luxury that we are asking. It is down to earth needs and services. Decent lives that is not being provided today.

Soteria house, Runaway house, and Earth house is the future. And the old psychiatry is leaving out the door. But we must remember that there are people in these houses that needs money. They need money like everyone else. And they must be give money like everyone else. Even though, and since they might be unable to work.

Investigate living income guaranteed and the solution to end world poverty.

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