Day 469 – Rape in psychiatry

Rape in psychiatry

The phenomenon of rape in psychiatry is a huge and serious topic. Rape is a serious and hard topic everywhere in society. I personally have known several people and listened to testimonies of people that have been raped or abused within the walls of psychiatry. There is lots of this that goes on and the dark numbers are huge.

The shame and humiliation of this taking place is simply beyond imagination.

It is usually male care takers (that stop caring) – personnel that violate female patients sexually.

This goes on everyday within psychiatry, and there is, I am sad to say no official list or documenting of this. At least not in Norway. This goes to show that psychiatry is due to change and finally stop existing. Why does psychiatry have to end ? Psychiatry have been abusive from when it started back in the 1900’s and it never managed to become human or supportive. It have not managed to become what it was supposed to be healing, caring and supportive. Today we see people being addicted to their chemical therapies with huge disabilities and early deaths, suicide and murder as result. It cannot go on. It is domed to end.

But let’s deal with the problem that it is here. First of all rape within psychiatry needs to be properly documented. Today there is (in Norway) no official recording of these crimes other then what is reported (not always) to the police and the hospitals own files. There must be a third part that keeps a record over what violations that take place within hospital walls.

When we create these new user run facilities, we are not guaranteed to avoid rape in total. But the premises for rape is not the same. The control or power principle that the patient is totally in the hands of the nurse or doctor – kind of thinking will not be there. The patient tied up in belts will not be there. And the girl or boy will have access to looking the doors to his or hers room, and with a living income guaranteed everyone will be cared for with access to phone or internet, to report abuse or happenings that is not cool.


And if we create a documenting center for what is going on today, we can prevent it from happening again, and we can prevent it from happening as long as we still have these old huge hospitals. Running nothing but chemical therapy.

This ‘record documenting central’ could the serve as a source for research and education, investigation and statistics, to prevent it from reoccurring. The bigger picture is that more and more hospitals are being privatized and going over to being run on so-called alternative terms. We see a slow start of this these days, that nonprofit organizations run shelters and care homes. And this we need more of. Non government non – profit organizations run user run shelters and user homes. Drug-free treatments and treatments with other types of therapies the old standard of chemical therapy and more movement of freedom other than locking folks into huge hospital units.

If you are interested in what goes on within progressive or alternative psychiatry you should learn words like “Soteria house ” “Earth house” – “user participation” – “open dialog”, “recovery” and really investigate what goes, and what have been going on in psychiatry the last 100 years. Check out links below. You should learn about patients being behind closed doors with the usage of chemical therapy, ECT, the lobotomy, testing on humans, humiliation and abuse, everyday. The abuse and the humiliation of doctors, hospitals and the mental health industry is huge and insane.

There is a long lists of names that contribute and carry with them the end and change of psychiatry. It is time for changing and it is time for changing for what is best for all. All these new solutions within the recovery model is in fact a huge nail in the coffin to old state run, abusive, psychiatry. The old psychiatry is abusive and it have always been abusive and wrong. The dark numbers and the dirty secrets are immense and there is lots of untold stories. Abuse and violations, human testing, side effects, physical handicaps, death, suicide, the list goes on.

People are being violated every day in the old huge state run departments. Rape is not unusual. It is time we start aligning ourselves to the rhythm of what is best for all and common sense. Rape and violation and chemical therapy is not what is best for all and they are not common sense at all. It has to stop. They are on the leaving train. The big key here is to provide everyone with a basic income. With a basic income I mean a Living Income guaranteed, ( For people to stay and pay for their stay in user run / nonprofit non government organization run shelters, shelters and self run houses. This is a growing trend that is going on in the western parts of the world within psychiatry. When people are given enough money to pay for themselves at a house and a home they can have a decent life living without threatening and sexual violating doctors and nurses.

With living income guaranteed everyone will have enough money to live healthy lives where they are. Poverty leads to psychiatric illness. It is proven. With a living income guaranteed abuse will more easily be detected and stopped. One can receive help for what is taking place. The abuse must end. Lets walk, for what is best for all.

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Thank you for reading!

Set yourself free


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