Day 467 – Are you ready for the big ride ?

Are you ready for the big ride ?

I have already de – programmed myself to such an extent that my body tells me that enough is enough. My body tells me to stop, like it tell all of existence to stop and halt. I have walked steady and steadfast with desteni now for 2 years and some months. Because we need to heal all that we are and all that we live. Life on the planet is being abused totally. Nature, animals and children and being abused 24/7, to such an extent that it is hard to grasp. There for I have made it clear to myself that we need completely and fully stop with the, abuse of life that is lived by the millions of people on this earth. The abuse have to end. It mostly goes on unseen within suppression, but it is still there. My heart tells me this simple message: stop. And I breathe and I realize that I have a responsibility that I must live up to or make into reality for us all. And that is the equality recipe of give as you would like to receive and to love thy neighbor as yourself and all the “cool stuff” the love, or the values that we all know exist but we do not practice. I realize that I can be quite taken by this sort of realizations and I need to find myself on earth and to ground myself and to be here as myself living and breathing. Making each breathe count. Stabilizing myself.


I realize that I take on my character or being and pioneer and a explorer and a leader and a responsible person and I am ready to take responsibility for my life again. And so everyone as me. I realize that I must slow down with how I live my life. I realize that within sub – conscious or within the mind, I am considered by other to be a responsible person and a person that is full of recourses and I see this one detail within this picture and that is to slow myself down. I must slow myself down and be here, and breathing , and take charge of my life. Bring it back to myself. To gain more trust.

I commit myself to again investigate what are the detail the nity gritty stuff that is preventing me from living my life in more and more responsibility and with more and more honesty ? I must stop myself as I also stop the world to figure out what detail I then can say self forgiveness for. What is right in front of me that I tend to ignore or deny. What thoughts, backchats and what emotions, characters, comparing, desire, feelings, or what structure that need to indentify and work with. Through self forgiveness. That is how the camel can walk through the needle eye. With self forgiveness. That is just a equation, but that is means is to tell us that it is we as humans that need to walk through the eye of the needle – to face our responsibilities, because we are the ones responsible for all the mess on this earth. And we need to come clean.

So are you ready to take responsibility ? Are you ready to start walking with desteni ? To start de constructing the mind ? To start your journey ? Join us and discover yourself beyond.

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