Day 464 – Who is Dr Jaakko Seikkula – and what is his magic recipe ?

Who is Dr Jaakko Seikkula – and what is his magic recipe ?

Dr Jaakko Seikkula is a finish professor in psychiatry. North inn Finland, Where I have not been.  What makes him so special is that he treats patients with the patients participation. He teaches from a perspective of psychosis recovery and open dialogue.

Today in psychiatry almost all of psychiatry is run through chemical therapy. Chemical therapy is the standard. 18 people die every day in the USA, alone, from taking tropopharma (to much drugs). You could very well say that to use Dr Jaakko Seikkula method is going against the stream.

Dr Jaakko Seikkula really sees the value in the family of the patient. The family is one of the very most important to include with the open dialogue – to address the real issues that have created pain or voices in the head and psychosis or depression.

The family must be included as far as it is possible. The family must be included with the treatment to a far more degree and purpose.

The patient is taking part within the process of treatment. With Dr Jaakko Seikkula open dialog the patient is never per scripted anything or decided how to treat the illness – without the patient taking part in the decision. Together with family. Parents or others. The patients cooperation is the key, and he is known for having success with this recopies of openly talking to the patient on what could be done to help him or her.

Nothing is to be decided about the patient without the patients permission. The patient is taking part is the direct treatment, together with close relatives. Be it gardening, volleyball, gym, cooking, writing, carpeting, the cures of ones illness is many. There is lots of different cures within cognitive therapy. To find work or a hobby is one of the solutions. And knitting to playing piano is just few. With Dr Jaakko Seikkulas open dialog there is a whole team of support to the patient within psychiatric treatment. Talk about the issues and be able to move on within oneness life. To be able to put things behind. To untie the knots and the muscles that have contracted and set free the energy that have build up within oneness body.

Nothing of treatment within open dialogue takes place without the parts agreement, this method of open dialogue is used in both USA, Norway and other nation of “the west”. I have tried it myself. It works. It is a popular way of treatment with good results. Honesty, cooperation and relations is key points here.

Simply talking, communicating more honest & responsible, within the relations (family) of the person with a issue (of schizophrenia with this example from Finland). – simply to talk & listen ! – and make decisions based on real communication, not base everything on just talking patient  <->  doctor.

I would recommend the open dialogue to anyone that happens to deal with psychiatry or just as a life rule in general.

A video of Dr Seikkula here:

Thanks !


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