Day 457 – What is the plan for the preprogrammed part of population?

What is the plan for the preprogrammed part of population?







Now there is something I need to clear out here. I will here clear the air. We have all been programed in detail. From creation. We have been programmed to chase each other head over heels from greed and egoism and selfish needs. This has been going on since the origins of man and it have not started to end until now today. We are told how to speak, talk, walk, fuck, shit and think. Everything from what you can compare to Pink Floyds the wall. We are brick inn a wall. We are all left as looser inn the competing of greed and selfishness. There is nothing but losers here.


If you have seen the matrix, movie. You probably remember the scene where Neo wakes up from his bubble- battery in the field of millions of people living to charge the system with its energies. Just like that we are feeding the system with thoughts and backchats every day, feeding the system our energies. Like we have been programmed to. So I chose for myself to step out of the program, break the cycle, and into reality. Real life. Breathing a 4 count breath and forgiving myself my transgression, and my fear and egoism etc. Thoughts, feeling, pictures, characters, emotions, dreams and imaginations, everything and totally undress myself for these relations. Until I have directed everything back to myself and back to its original place of nature. Learning by doing and correcting myself and by walking my life to be that change I want to see inn this world.


But what about the millions of others that do not want to wake up? What about the people that simply wants to participate with the pre – programming and the life inn matrix simply feeding their energies to mind and to the system? Well if you are one of them I encourage you to seize the day. Stop the matrix and stop the mind and start to walk with us within desteni, for what is best for all. We know what we need to do. We have to totally change the system into something that is serving life not that is ruining life. We must tear down all the old structures of egoism and greed, and face our self in honesty. Honesty does not abuse. It is time to realize that we can no longer ignore the solution to these problems. It is time to let everyone have piece of the cake. Living income to all, so that more are capable to take responsibility for themselves. So that more people can learn to work with self – forgiveness and to get to self-honesty, and self-trust.



The millions of human beings that live their complete lives in the system as slaves of the system, have not woken up. They simply feed the system with their energies so that they can feel accepted and thy can feel include and in control. But they are not. They are still just patterns within mesmerizing and files of reincarnation. Desteni is not a religious movement. Quit the contrary. We believe that you have to wake up the god of mind and take responsibility for yourself, physically, here today, within the life that you live. Millions dies every day in vain. If you are woken up and if you   can see yourself as Neo in the back of your mind, waking up. I encourage you to find a desteni course to walk and start writing to freedom. Self – forgiveness is the great key to the many doors.


We know what we have to do. Desteni is like a tool provider and a tool box with all the right tools. It is up to you to start using them. Don’t let your life be wasted. Lets start changing this world today.

Set yourself free



Let’s do this for the best of all humanity and for all life on this earth.


Thank you!

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