Day 452 Who was Edward Bernays ?

Who was Edward Bernays ?

edward bernays

Edward Bernays was known for his role or working in USA with public relations. He found out that masses could be manipulated – and controlled. Sigmund Freud was his uncle. Edward Bernays would use the theories of people that had lived before him. Theories on crowd psychology and group mentality and combine them with the new psycho analysis by his uncle Sigmund Freud. He would combine the two and patch together a as close to perfect and possible plan or idea to control and manipulate the populations into consuming and into submission of the ruling elite.

He created a false need and a  artificial need to consume with his working and his theories of tools. Edward Bernays created a false need within the population of that you need something that was not there before.

To understand this is vital to understand how things function in this world today. How government function today and how we are literally brainwashed before we learn to walk or talk. We have propaganda and we have news telling us and TV screen telling us how to think and how to act and how to preformed in life. This have all been designed from the hands of for instance Edward Beranys.

So what is common sense here with this story ? Common sense here is to learn this stories and to educated oneself, with the educations that is possible. I would recommend for everyone to watch this BBC documentary on century of self. Here is a link to the documentary:

But why do we need to watch this ? Why do we need to reeducate?


The things that we learn in school is very much based on the theories of yesterday. What we learn in school is based on submission of the ruling elite and of simply keeping up this same system that we live in – today. So we need to re – educate ourself to be able to deal with the consequences and the issues that we are facing today. Which are immense. We need to and we must break ourselves free from this old system of greed and selfish desires and learn to stand on our own again.

It is vital that we learn to use the best tools available to break free from the system and then later propose alternatives to this current system. We need to change this system and it is important and inevitable that we do. So join us in deconstructing the old self and start to live life in honesty. Check out this process where you can learn to use the tools of self forgiveness and self corrections, some of the finest tool of psychology, for you, for free:

Further I would recommend to everyone to watch all these documentaries on D.A.W.N – site, here:

Thank you!
And have a nice day.


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