Day- 447- Psychiatry and mind control.

Psychiatry and mind control.


The mind is a tool learn to use it – Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem pro-verb




Do people get sick from inequality? Is militarism inn itself creating paranoia? This is something I will look into here in the field of mind programming and secret government programs inn relatiosn to psychiatry.


Within psychiatry there are a lot of theories and truths. Everyone have their story to tell. You may call it conspiracy and bogus, but realize some short facts here, the military budget of USA is so huge that it can contain just about anything. Some 600 – 700 billion dollars each year spent, on crimes against life. And we do not know where exact the money is going. Edward Snowden who more and more people want to give the Nobel peace prize, to, now, just showed us recently that USA and the intelligences of military secret service have the opportunity and the possibility to spy and tap in on any phone conversation as they would like. All over the world. The people crying out about mind controll where right, but they themselves where sentenced to prison and hospitals.


The doors to disclose these phenomena’s of chemtrails and tapping phones, and mind controlling from radio and ultra violet waves, are closed behind government secrecy and military classification. Either it is chemtrails our sound engineering and microwave “broadcasting” like wave and radio engineering and all in all: mind control that is taking place. To the single person it could be torture. I am sure.


Military machinery

The full and complete reason behind chemtrails is not disclosed. And it is military that is keeping it so secret and not telling what they are doing. To all of us. Affecting our physical and our daily life. That is simply not acceptable. This is not the world that we want to give to future generations. We will stop it and we will see that the military eventually disappears from funding and existence. It is making people sick with possessions and depression. Completely. In the future there will be no military because military is not supporting life. Look at it this way: Why do you go to work or to school ?? To be able to care for your children? To contribute to society? To consume and enjoy your free time more? To a general common good for all. What is best for all perspective?   In the future there will be no religions either. Not as we know them today, as a strategic tool of separation and so called policy making. Bankers desire…etc… Religions only separate and drive people into insanity, and crime. So there will be no more war. No “God” of mind either. “God” – have driven it too far.



The secrecy is sabotaging life. It is the US military machinery that is closing the doors locking it down, and keeping the secrets. You may say that people from psychiatry have a lot of “crazy” theories, but I would still consider it more hones to keep an open mind, and listen to then, rather than to close the doors and deny for what is going on.

And all this secrecy and bothering of mind is driving people to sickness and to possession and psychosis. The secrecy and programming from military and others are ruining life and the mental health of people. And driving them into psychiatry and into sickness. Very often this is obvious. And we need to change. The sooner the better. Life is at stake.

The simple fact that 85 people own more money than the poorest 3, 5 billion people. Chew on that! Those numbers are causing people to react and go into war. Of course it is sickening. Inequality is creating bullying and war. We are all inn it together, and we need to change. And we will change because we can change.


If people have different starting points there will much easier start friction between them and reactions and bullying and fights can occur. Stealing and robbing. Like we see today where a few elite people like 1 % of the world is running away with almost everything of value and worth. It is driving people to insanity and crime. It has to end. And we are here to end it and change so that we can create a better future for all. Inequality is creating very much sickness and fear within this world. Inequality is driving people to insanity and crime every second. It must stop.

If I were to tell my doctor say 5 years ago, that: “There is a great possibility that my phone or my internet is being spied on… “ he or she would call me a liar and laugh at me. He or she would probably ask me why I would fear to have my phone tapped. And say that I would be full of fantasies and conspiracy. Shit, even my parents and what I call close friends, a lot of people around me would not let their comfort zone bee stirred up, and they would call me insane. Truth hurts. And Edwards Snowden proves this. Edward Snowden proves the doctor wrong. He proves the sceptic wrong.

So what do we know about mind control and official programs of government? Very little, but we know more than enough to say that the doors and the files, are closing in front of our eyes at the US military and the American and international secret of programs, and militarized societies. They are holding back. And it is killing life. This can not go on.


Inequality = sickness

One more time to clear up. Inequality created friction, bullying and war. Different starting point in life creates a wrong balance within oneself and yes it can lead to mental sickness and psychosis. This is very far a financial problem. We are going to delete poverty. There are a lot of theories about what goes on within channels of information’s and fear, hope systems, control and mind. What is totally clear is that it is US – government official and military programs that are closing its door and shutting down: truth. And it is no doubt that what they are doing is promoting war and ruining life and sabotaging what is best for all.


It is military that is not sharing from the endless budgets and funding’s. And it is killing life. It is not the kind of future that we want to see for our children. It is not the kind of future that we would like to share for our self. It has to stop, and it will stop. Eventually. Because we are sabotaging life for all bye having a military. There has never been an honest need for military. Not as a starting point, not at all. We at desteni are staking out a future for all inn life to participate. We are – Check out our forum and our programs to start writing to freedom. Investigate time and support the living income guaranteed proposal. We have the actual solutions, and we all have to be the change within or self that we want to see in the world. So within so without. We have to change and we will change. Living income is inevitable. Join us

How do I stop being controlled by waves of sound, or programs from US intelligences? The answer is easy, though accomplishing it may take some work but, join and learn the mind. Learn to stop the pre – programmed self, egoism and fear, thoughts and emotions and feelings.

Join us today.

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Thank you for reading.



One thought on “Day- 447- Psychiatry and mind control.”

  1. I am facinated by your internet skill , i remember when i had so called psycotic condition in the 80 `s my paranoya was that i thought i was being filmed secretly , but now there ARE cameras every where ! who the freaking fuck is watching all theese films ? , in Denmark especialy our garbage bins are filmed ? and in the closed “departement”in psyciatry the only activity possible is television ! so they can keep you mad 24 hours ! and coffee at 8 nigth so everyone needs sleeping pills , half off Denmark are depended on sleeping pills , as we are producing medicin (novo nordisk ect, ) .

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