Day 439 – The mind is a tool not a toy – a psychiatry survivals perspective.

The mind is a tool not a toy – a psychiatry survivals perspective.


I know the psychiatry of today. No better than I would like to listen to anyone’s and I do mean anyone’s, testimony about their story or their view on the topic and to learn their perspective on it. I want to share what is fact and what is common sense with psychiatry and life. But let’s look at the source of trouble here. The mind . The mind is invented when man meets man. The mind is not invented to the person living on a island alone. The mind is not invented to a baby child. A baby child knows not mind.


Schizophrenia only occurs when there is more than one person to awareness. (At all) – it is one of the fundaments of knowledge of schizophrenia. Or self. So mind is invented and thought upon and within. So what does mind do in psychiatry today ? Talk , gestalt therapy. It still exists. It does not show to good, but it still exist. Talking to a person with a degree in psychology, or other common interest still takes place. Just talking and listening, sharing. It still exists. On certain levels of trust, never the less the very best therapy above all, is the one you give to yourself, through resonance and practically psychically writing and reading and working with your body. Working could be lots but physical challenges are very much needed and should be per scripted to patient, much more. Training and gym should be granted to people who take medication to improve their lives.


At the hospital in this county where I live and grew up, where I have spend many months of despair and months of, psychosis and suffering , I have been visiting the old art and craftsmanship classrooms. They used to be of great importance. But no more. Chemical thinking ate them up and austerity finished them totally. I have spend hours sitting there and drawing or painting, knitting, and working shit out from within myself. It have had enormous importance for me, and my will to live on. It seems shameful that today one should have iPod and not knitting, or one should have Smartphone and not painting. That is not a cool sign of mannerism or behavior. At the same time I see that proposals of legalizing weed is going on in USA and other countries. That is not to cool by me. I mean weed should not be illegal, it should just not be used or taken. Simple as that. But people will still take it because they know nothing else. People are desperate for methods and paths, of escape of responsibility. Now that we see weed as a industry in Colorado, for instance it is just one more wheel on the imperial ride machine of USA to bring people to their knees in shame and despair over being what they are within the matrix of existence. The personal crisis is still going on. Read the news. Serial killers take Prozac and anti depressants. It sometime can be said a simple and barbaric as that. But it proves to be true.



We must again face the fact that humans can change. We seem to forget that every day. A adult to can change. We can still learn lost and we can still do lots and because we can create heaven on this mother earth, we will. Because we can. And the possibility is there. We have to stop the abuse. No more suffering. Welcome oneness and equality.


I have been there and I have shared some honesty with other patients. And I have seen the doors to the art rooms close and shut down. I have been trying it on my own and I have created lots of what shall I say facilities to work and promote arts and work and to heal and share awareness on everyone’s psychiatric health. But I have also been weak. Weak to drugs and narcotics. And also alcohol. That is a part of my burden , but I forgive myself and move on from there and face other perspectives and new ground in oneness and equality.

So what is the answer to today’s psychiatry of the world ? In China or India there is hardly such a thing as psychiatry. People in China who suffer from psychosis are stuffed away and kept in prisons and in small cages and in ropes, and cared for by their family.


But what about the rest? USA, Italy, Scandinavia, Britain., etc…

There is no easy way to say this but psychiatry is a huge industry, controlled by few people and their demonic energy that they share in desperation after profit, and money, power and above all control. It is beyond sickness. It is demonic. The sickness is total and it is from the Imperia of USA. And our other governments tagging along. But enough is enough. We are walking process to end suffering and abuse. There have been enough corruption and greed enough mind control. Enough lies. They are not going to walk away with it. Till here no further. We are going to stop it. For good and totally. Eventually. The boards in USA of psychiatry and chemical therapy Incorporated, is controlling the remains of the world through the so called free marked. The USA controlled free marked. Let’s bring it back to self, to my responsibility on earth.


I can name 5 or 6 or maybe even 10 known diagnosis’s that I know what is, and that has its symptoms. Like Schizophrenia and hearing voices and like manic depressive with being depressed and Anorexia related to eating disorders, and PST which rephears to early trauma like abuse or violence in childhood. But what about the mind ? How is mind used as a tool when it is only give chemical therapy. You cannot claime that one is dealing with the mind if you are solely given chemical therapy. That would be lies, abuse and not trustworthy. The mind is above all best dealt with through resonance and self forgiveness. Words. Talking writing, playing piano, drawing and forgiving self, physically working with self. Caring for self. Forgiving oneness emotions and the thoughts and ones desires, polarities, fears, etc. Self forgiveness in the great key here. I cannot say this clear enough. It is the so called “hidden secret” the detail Michelangelo touching god, or Oscar touching Leon. Jessica touching a dog, or Adam cosign a cat, or whatever. It is people sharing being together in decency and in respect. Oneness. Base on the simplest holistic principles. To put it in understandable terms, the principle of Jesus and common sense. That would be nice. And that is what is coming. We need you to join in on the walking and writing team. Join us in

In the boards in USA that control the diagnosis systems claims there are over 400 known diagnosis “out there”. 400. So that no one escaped the diagnosis system. There is one for everything and everyone. I could narrow it down to 5 , or 6 or maybe 10 with great success. I could solve lots, from my point of perspective and my point of view. With my solutions. Delete poverty and you come very, very far with it. But I am just one more Jesus. And I still have lengths to go with myself in my process with desteniiprocess. But still I am a person who have had ideas of sharing, love, openness, caring, commonsense and therefore locked away in hospital for years. Just like Jesus Christ was crucifies for sins that he did no commit. People would fear my mind. And then I would fear it to, and I would there for need self forgiveness. I will not be silenced. Even though there might be energies, not full people, but energies that would like me to be gone because I threaten their empire of money, power, control, and drugs.Image

Down to earth awareness. There are not 400 mental diagnosis, to believe so is Donald Duck language to claime so is madness. There is neither need for 10, 12, or 15 or more different kind of drugs per patient per day. It is simply abuse. And far from common “doctor sense”. It is crime what is going on, a huge fuckins genocide that is taking place before our very eyes. It is the emotional negative demonic energy that floats through the people and doctors and politicians and they minds, in channels heads and hands, writing out prescriptions so they them self can collect a bigger salary. It is greed of man.


What about mind, mind still exists. We are depending on it. Mind can be helpful as it is. And it is a tool to be used to paint, play piano, or play hockey, or to run and swim, work on fields, care for children, say self forgiveness, read a book, drive a car, bye groceries, etc. The mind is to be used as that tool to understand self and to reflect on one self so that one can see what is maters where one is in this locked system of mind, and so that one can, learn to deal with self. Through the best therapy available which is to write out and say self forgiveness. To self. The sound of self through self forgiveness. Join us in Start today with your course, and lets walk and breathe, write and share until it is done completely and until everyone needs are met in oneness and equality.





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